Hugot Food Punch, Eastwalk Commercial Center, Santo Tomas

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Hugot Food Punch, Santo Tomas, Pampanga

Bitter. Minsan Ampalaya minsan ako. 🙁

I know you’ve been hearing statement like this which is about love or life. Linking the given scenario (experience or places) or a thing to a mostly sad love story or life experiences of a person. This is generally known in the Filipino language as “Hugot” or pulling out in English. These hugots are just everywhere. – In television shows, movie, radio, people around or sometimes you might even find yourself pulling out your own statement about life or love. It’s funny whenever I open my social media accounts, “Hugot” never missed a slot in my feed. It’s either my friends tagging me or the hugot pages I have followed posted fresh ones. Yeah, I’m guilty. I love reading hugots because I find it entertaining and is relatable though! Aw lol.

Since this “Hugot” thing got popular and “millennials” are so into it, Hugot Food Punch, a restaurant located in San Matias, Santo Tomas Pampanga has incorporated “Hugot” to their restaurant business.

The Hugot Food Punch Restaurant is styled in a simple, chic and colorful interior. They have made every corner worth seeing and instagrammable with their Hugot statements displayed on the wall which is for you to read and enjoy. The chimes and plants hanged add a relaxing vibe inside the restaurant and are complementing the warm light and wood furniture.

The Hugot Food Punch has a huge “Hugot wall” where you can post all your hugots in life. Be it sweet, bitter or bittersweet!Hugot Food Punch, Santo Tomas, Pampanga

Posting on Hugot Food Punch’s #Hugot wall doesn’t only give you the space to let your feelings out thru words but also you can have a chance to win Php 200 worth consumable to their served dishes. The Hugot Food Punch management chooses one entry per week and the announcing of the winner is held every Saturday. Winners will be contacted via SMS if not present and their entry will be posted on Hugot Food Punch Facebook page. You know what to do guys!

Of course, I had to post mine! 😉

Hugot Food Punch, Santo Tomas, Pampanga

After learning and enjoying The Hugot Food punch’s “Hugot corner”, It’s now time to savor their dishes and discover the story behind every plate.

For the appetizer, we have Beef nachos. This is “Almost! Beef nachos” on their menu.

It is served in a likely 12 inches long plate which can be shared for 2-5 persons. The taste is so good! I like the amount of beef and cheese that is placed and the nacho’s crispiness lasts quite long compared to others that I have tried. If I would rate it from 1-5, this gets 5! Don’t miss to order their nacho when you dine in.

When you think it’s almost there but still… he’s NACHO (not your) man because he likes to belong to many. (hmm I’d rather eat -.-)

Hugot Food Punch, Santo Tomas, Pampanga


Hugot Food Punch, Santo Tomas, Pampanga


For the main dish, first we have – “You’re the one! Garlic Kangkong” and “Mahal mo ba ako? Chicken Buffalo”. Haha! Garlic Kangkong is really the one though as it got the right taste and can be eaten with or without rice. For their Chicken Buffalo, would it be a Yes or No? I’ll take yes. I love it. I love spicy food and it is well marinated from skin to meat. I like how they use to sprinkle a fresh chilli. Real spicy!

Hugot Food Punch, Santo Tomas, Pampanga


“Nakakakilig! Sisig.” Who’s not excited to eat Sisig? We all share the love with Sisig, especially when partnered with Garlic topped Rice. It is served on a sizzling plate to intensify the kilig feeling with your craving!

Hugot Food Punch, Santo Tomas, Pampanga


“Willing to wait… Spaghetti” If you get to eat their Filipino styled Spaghetti which is sweet and meaty, of course, I’m willing to wait 😊

For dessert, “Be with you, Gabi and Queso”. It’s always about the happy ending.

Hugot Food Punch, Santo Tomas, Pampanga


Sharing my inspirational #HUGOT after dining in at The Hugot Food Punch.

Life let us experience/taste its different flavors, it’s not always sweet but if you continue living and never lose hope, the ending will always be sweet and worth it.


Wait up! There’s more!

The Hugot Food Punch also has an “Open mic” Acoustic night and Hugot Session every Saturday starting from 7 pm. So if you feel like pulling out those feelings and emotions thru words or by singing, this is the perfect place for you.

Sing, Speak out and eat with all your heart! Bring your friends and enjoy!

Hugot Food Punch, Santo Tomas, Pampanga




Hugot Food Punch, Santo Tomas, Pampanga

Address: East Walk, Moraz Paz, Sto. Tomas, Pampanga
Contact: 0927 505 1995 / 0912 732 1212
Hours: 12:00 nn to 12:00 am (Monday to Sunday)

Where in Pampanga is Hugot Food Punch?

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