“We are explorers and storytellers of our discoveries, not critics.”

We started whereinpampanga.com as our own index of the food spots we have visited. We wanted to share our experiences to the people close to us, just in case they want to want to try them. Our list grew over time as we gain more invites from establishments and business who wanted to be featured in our social media community and on this site. Eventually, we hopped to other enterprises such as hotels, recreational spots, health & wellness, shops/stores and a lot more. We were even invited to be media partners of certain events and festivities.

However, as much as possible, we avoid calling our blog as “review site”, because it is not. We strongly believe that each experience is subjective to every individual. We do not claim to be in the position to hand over judgement to the establishment owners who make a living from their businesses. We only tell our own stories from these great places.

What you see is what you get from us. We are no doctorate of any studies to provide critiques. We are not trained chefs. We are not professional backpackers. We are not beauty experts.

What we are is just a humble crew with a strong passion for great food and fun. Everyday, we strive to be more informational and entertaining at the same time.

99% x-deal.

Unless disclosed as “paid feature” or “sponsored blog post” our coverages are x-deal. Meaning, an establishment allows us to experience their foods, lodging, products or services. In return, we feature them on our social media networks and write a blog of our experience. What we publish on our medium are strictly based on our own ethics, sense and reasoning. We schedule our features on a first come first serve basis.

Would you like to be featured on our blog? Invite us, we will be delighted.

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